Name: Denny Niess

Title: Vice President

Location: St. Cloud

Background: I grew up in Foley, MN, and have been addicted to hard work and learning my whole life. As a kid, I asked a lot of questions and when I was old enough to have a job, I treated every job as if I owned the business myself. If you aren’t making mistakes, you aren’t trying…I try hard and I’ve learned a lot!

I’ve been in the broadcast business for 30 plus years, and I feel like I have never worked a day in my life. The rewards of helping people and businesses grow brings me such joy. As the quote goes: “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” I am happy to say I live this quote.

Random facts about yourself:

  • I love business…owning and developing them! 
  • Personally, I own a deer farm in Rice, MN, and am part owner of Autumn Antlers Trophy Hunting Lodge and the Granite City Speedway. 
  • I have also been told that I have really nice skin.
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