Theron Hayse

Role: General Sales Manager

Market: Winona

Theron Hayse

Why Leighton Broadcasting:

My broadcasting career began as a part-time announcer in Manhattan, KS while attending Kansas State University in 1985. After five years on the air, I returned to Manhattan, KS and began my sales career in 1990 followed by a management role in Mason City, IA a few years later. My career has taken me from Kansas to Iowa, Nebraska, Florida, Illinois, Texas and finally a return to Minnesota.

Why You Love Your Work:  

I love radio people! As an industry, we are a different breed. Also, Community Service. Radio station are licensed to serve the public interest. I've made it a point to remember this.

Personal Motto:

Ask and you get! Don't and you won't.

Favorite Song of All-time and Why:

The Chain, Fleetwood Mac. Despite their struggles as a group, they knew they needed each other to make the best product possible. Things are not always going to be easy. Push through. The result? One of the greatest Albums in Rock and Roll history.


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