IMG-SueTate-341x341.jpgName: Sue Tate

Location: Fergus Falls, MN

Background: Raised on a dairy farm just outside of Perham.  Attended St. Paul’s Lutheran School, and graduated from Perham High School and Fergus Falls Community College (now M State).  Certified Radio Media Consultant (RAB).

How you got into broadcasting:

When I was in high school I walked by the radio station in downtown Fergus Falls and thought that would be a fun place to work. A couple years later, I heard there was an opening so I applied. They had me sit at a typewriter and write a thirty-second commercial. Apparently the ad made sense, because I was hired! That was 45 years ago. I’ve seen LOTS of changes since then!

Why you love your work:

There’s an amazing variety of challenges going on every day and never a dull moment. Also – great people to work with! I love coming to work every day!

Random Facts:

I’ve been married to Randy for 46 years and we have three sons (and their wives) that we’re very proud of, and 5 grandchildren that we are crazy about! We also have an English Springer Spaniel named Gracie who just flunked obedience school, and a cat named Daisy who lets us live in her house. My husband and I were foster parents for over twenty years and still keep in touch with many of the teens we had in our home. We are also active in our church - Hilltop Celebration Church in Fergus Falls. My bucket list includes running in a half marathon. So far I have run in three 5k runs this year, which have convinced me that I need a lot more training to run in a half marathon, but I AM going to do it!  Also like to read and make quilts in my spare time. 

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