ASmith.jpgName: Anna Smith

Location: Fergus Falls

Schooling/Education: I grew up in northern Michigan and earned my Bachelor's degree in Business Administration and Marketing from Lake Superior State University. In 2009 I moved to Fargo and then to Fergus Falls at the end of 2016. Professionally, I've worked in marketing, banking, insurance, business operations/leadership and sales. I have ever-evolving interests including being a singer, actress, DJ, emcee, wedding coordinator and dance instructor. I am also active in my church and community.

How you got into Broadcasting: I have had the opportunity to write and voice/act in both radio and television commercials over the last 10 years. I've always been fascinated by radio's ability to influence people and I have a true love of music; paired with my business acumen and genuine desire to help others succeed, I'm in the right job, in the right company.

Why you love your work: Have you ever heard a song and it conjured up a memory, or you knew all the words even though you've never seen them? Music defines the important moments in our lives - your first breakup, the time you stayed up all night playing music around the campfire and even the first dance at your wedding; radio is intrusive that way. You know all of the DJs by their voices and you can recite jingles of common commercials. I love being a part of radio, not just because of its impact on people, but also because it's a useful tool to help you grow your business. I'm not a salesperson - I'm a coach, advocate, cheerleader and a partner. I'm with you throughout the whole process and I feel personal equity in your success.

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