GaryScheidecker-341x341.jpgName: Gary M Scheidecker

Location: Fergus Falls, MN

Background: After high school I did some brick tending - mixed all the brick mud for the original buildings at the FF Junior College, and the Big Chief.  During that time I didn’t carry a full load at the Community College so I was drafted and spent 1 year & 9 months in the Army…Ft Lewis, Washington, Ft Ord, Calif. and Kaiserslautern, Germany.   I applied for an early out for Spring Quarter back at FFJC.  I sold Farm Equipment for Westgo out of West Fargo and traveled 14 states and Canada.

Bachelor of Arts in Marketing / Bus Admin. From Moorhead State.

How you got into Broadcasting: The process of weeding/farming went to chemical spray instead of row crop cultivators so Westgo was sold.  I was listening to the radio at a church fundraiser, while doing some cleaning, and heard a commercial about the sales position.

Why you love your work: The selling of business to business in the Fergus area is interesting because so many small businesses need help with ideas, planning events, and finding employees.  Clients have trusted me for over 30 years solving some of their problems and offer opportunities. It’s is great to see success lead to growth through the highs and lows of the business climates over the years. Working with more than one generation as owners stand back and watch the family take over has been very rewarding. 

Random Facts:

I have two sons, one in Mpls applying his St Olaf degree as an Infrastructure Engineer doing massive computer installs for clients like Hennepin County and some very big companies, in between auto race activities all over the country. Our son in Deltona Fla. works for AAB, a company that builds electric/power transformers that are the green boxes installed in your ditch and on the power poles.  He does problem solving/customer service for people like Otter Tail Power and Nevada Power, while working on his electric engineering degree. 

We take family ski trips to the mountains with many Fergus Falls families  and enjoy gravity research together.  Riding the chair lift, discussing the last run, and looking for the next one has created a bond with all who are advancing their technique, style and happiness!

Wife Anne  is a retired SSA claims representative  who has turned our home and yard into a beautiful garden setting with flowers and found object art.

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