Marilyn-341x341.jpgName: Marilyn Hansel

Location: Fergus Falls, MN

Background: Grew up on a farm near Henning and have lived my adult life in and near Fergus Falls and Dalton where my husband and I raised our 3 children.

Graduated from Henning Public School and the University of Minnesota, Morris.

How you got into Broadcasting: After I graduated from college, I had a couple jobs which really weren’t for me! When I found out about this job opening (heard it on the radio), I applied with no real idea of what all was involved. Since I have now been doing it for a few decades, I must have found my niche.

Why you love your work: It offers daily challenges so each day is different – and I’m not tied to a desk! This area has been my home my entire life. When I help a business succeed, I feel like I’ve not only helped them and their employees, but also helped keep this region active and viable.

Random Facts: I love being a grandma; I want to do more traveling; I enjoy reading, bicycling on the nice flat Central Lakes Trail, and in the winter I like to go snowshoeing.


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