Background: I grew up in Rugby, ND and have lived in East Grand Forks, Minnesota for over thirty years. I have worked at many jobs over the years from being a para to special needs kids, to selling giant satellite dishes when they first came out.  I have sold advertising for a small town newspaper, a local television station and now radio! I’ve enjoyed them all and learned so much. The best part of it all is the relationships I’ve made. Those relationships have now become longtime friendships.  When your client trusts you and you trust your client it makes work a whole lot easier.

Schooling/Education: University of Mn-Crookston

How you got into Broadcasting: I’ve known several people at Leighton for years and have had great respect for the product they put out. And besides that, they were nice! That says so much! It’s easy to work at a place where honesty and kindness go hand in hand. When I heard they were hiring, I knew I wanted to be part of their team.

Why you love your work:  Radio advertising works.  It’s challenging. It’s rewarding and it’s fun. Who wants to go to work every day if it’s not fun? Life is too short to be unhappy.

Random facts about yourself (personal, professional, anything interesting):

  • I have two sons that I’m over-the-top proud of.  
  • I have two very fun Daughter in-laws and two grand dogs, Benton and Lester. 
  • I LOVE to fish, even if I’m not catching anything. 
  • I love old cars and old “stuff”
  • I love laughing. 

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