AlisaWold-341x341.jpgName:  Alisa Wold

Location:  Perham, MN

Background: I was born in Colorado and moved to Minnesota when I was 5. I have grown up on a chicken farm and have a farm background. I have a solid background in customer service, communications and working with people. I started my career in sales selling massagers at  county fairs. I have sold numerous products and for a number of companies. I am committed to helping my clients be successful. I also contribute to our community by volunteering: I am 4H Horse and Dog project Leader and clinician (12 yrs), Treasurer, UBRA Coordinator, and Royalty Coordinator for the Lakes Trail Blazers Saddle Club (3 yrs), a Becker County Posse Member and past president, vice-president, and secretary (9 yrs). I have been married to Randy Wold for 21 years and have a daughter Megan who is 21 years old.

Graduated from Lake Park – Audubon High School, and attended Cottey College in Missouri. I am a Certified Radio Marketing Consultant

How you got into Broadcasting: I started on a dare to work at KRCQ and stayed for 14 months. I enjoyed sales, and was referred to Lakes Radio from another KRCQ employee. I have been there ever since!

Why you love your work: I love working with my clients and getting results for them, and watching them succeed and grow their business. They also enjoy being able to get out and traveling to see clients – regardless of the weather! I love to work with a company that stands behind their product.

Random Facts:

  • I breed and train Golden Retrievers and have 9 of them.
  • I have 7 horses and ride and show western events and game events.
  • I make some pretty awesome homemade raspberry jam!
  • I love to travel and take the horses and dogs with!
  • I love to bake at holiday time!
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