AmyFoss.jpgName: Amy Foss

Location: St. Cloud

Background: Grew up in Rice, MN

How you got into Broadcasting: One of my internships in college was with Godfather’s Pizza and I was in charge of planning and advertising their 25th Anniversary celebration. I called Leighton and ended up meeting with Julie Rohling.  She helped me put together a marketing plan for their Anniversary Celebration and I thought her job would be so much fun. I got a call after that from a friend who knew our Promotions Director at the time saying that she needed Promotions Interns for the summer, I interviewed and got the job.  From there I was interested in sales, became the Sales Intern (until I graduated from SCSU) and here I am today!

Why you love your work: Helping business owners grow and achieve their goals is by far the best part of the job.  Marketing is often not the focus of a small, local business, but it is what I love to do the most.  The ability to learn about many different industries is another great perk. Most marketing professionals only focus on one industry for their entire career, in radio you get to learn about as many industries as you’d like.

Random facts about yourself: Outside of work I love to spend time with family and friends.  I have a husband, two boys and a dog.  We are the typical busy family: school activities, sports, playing outside and trying to have a little fun along the way.  I love to run and bike and spend much of my free time trying to get better and faster at both.

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