Chris.jpgName: Chris LeDuc

Location: Leighton Broadcasting – St. Cloud

Background: Being "PKs" (preacher's kids), my brother and I grew extroverted, service-centered hearts. Born in Chicago, we adventured cheerfully to different churches in different states, finally landing in Brainerd for high school. While my brother went out west after high school, I headed to St. Cloud State where I received a B.A. in Writing then proceeded to Augsburg College where I earned an M.A. in Leadership.

The secret dream of becoming the next Elizabeth Gilbert (of Eat, Pray, Love fame) didn't quite pan out for me. It may (or may not) have had something to do with being whisked off to Wyoming (the state, not the city) with my loving husband so he could pursue his dream of becoming a Doctor. It was a happy sacrifice because he now teaches in the CSB/SJU Physics Department.

Twenty-some years together, we're happy to get to "eat, pray, and love" with the best of them. Our fun times include frolicking with our feline/canine family members, treating our human friends to fancy-pants, home-cooked meals, and jet-setting as FAR OUT in the world as time and treasure will allow. (Ever been to Siberia? We recommend it!)

I'm a recent addition to the Leighton Broadcasting crew and was inspired to join the team because, from the client side of the sound booth, I've seen firsthand the impact of effective branding and strategy-based marketing. As such, I wake up excited and honored each day to be able to “Serve, Connect and Celebrate our Community” through Leighton Broadcasting.

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