Christianhead.jpgName: Christian Medford

Location: St. Cloud

Background: I have an extensive background in customer service. While working towards my Bachelor’s degree in Business Management from Minnesota State University – Moorhead, I began a 10 + year period in restaurants.  In that time I learned the importance of the customer experience and how it relates to business.  That association is what I can attribute to the creation of the St. Cloud Craft Beer Tour and the experience people receive from that event and others that I now get to work on!

How you got into Broadcasting: My first job out of college was for Clear Channel Radio in Fargo ND. That is where I got my first taste of radio, but left there and sold mortgages before the recession completely crashed.

Why you love your work: I get to plan events that people set their calendar around. In the events business we focus on the experience that we can bring to the people in our community. Every day I get to make decisions based around what other people find fun and exciting, which in turn makes my job a lot of fun.

Random facts about yourself: The President of our company once called me the “Van Wilder” of Leighton Broadcasting.   

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