IMG-Jess-400x400.jpgName: Jessica Goettl

Location: St. Cloud, MN

Background: I grew up on a farm outside of Mankato, MN, left for college in Winona, MN and now here I am in St. Cloud, MN! I just love Minnesota! (minus the cold…and snow…and lack of palm trees).

Education: Attended Mankato Loyola High School & Winona State University where I graduated with a BA in Business Administration.

How you got into Broadcasting: My passion for music sparked my interest to work for Leighton Broadcasting. I love going to concerts, watching every award show & listening to the radio! I would listen to our stations and think that radio people must be fun people to work with.

Why you love your work: I am constantly learning and growing my skill set. Every day is exciting and having an awesome team makes it that much better.

Random facts about yourself:

  • My favorite food is Chinese.
  • I hate running but because I love Chinese I do it, and once finished a half marathon.
  • I love to travel.
  • I have a music note tattoo on my ankle that I got in Nashville.
  • I’m in a Thomas Rhett music video for 5 seconds.
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