KrisP.jpgName: Kris Priebe

Location: Leighton Broadcasting – St. Cloud

Background: I grew up in St. Cloud, and thanks to my older siblings, began my passion for music. I played piano, drums, and was in choir (for a very short time) – my singing is now limited to the shower and the halls of Leighton Broadcasting. My favorite TV show back then was American Bandstand – I would stand there and dance to the TV, and my favorite radio station was none other than KCLD. My favorite past time was hanging out with my friends at the Skatin’ Place, and of course I had my very own roller skates and every color of pom-pom that you can imagine. I still have dreams of those days and dancing snow-ball.

As far as schooling and getting into radio, I attended St. Cloud Technical College and graduated with a degree of Applied Science in Advertising and Communications. While attending school, we went on tour of a radio station in the cities. I was very intrigued by it all and I have always loved sales, so when I graduated, I applied at KCLD because I loved that station and shazam! There started my career here at Leighton Broadcasting.

I have absolutely nothing but positive things to say about working at Leighton Broadcasting. I have always had a passion for music and sales, so what better career than a Marketing Strategist for a radio station? More importantly, I was born here in St. Cloud and really care about this community and helping it thrive. I get so much satisfaction from helping local businesses become a household name in the community. I wouldn’t change my job for anything!

Random facts about yourself:

  • I have one son who is married and has chosen the military as his career (very proud mom here).
  • I have one grandchild who is the sun, moon, and stars to me!
  • I enjoy yoga, spending time with my family and friends, fashion, and of course watching my grandson whenever possible.
  • My happy spot is either on my yoga mat, at the mall, or on the beaches of Mexico!
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