Name: Nicole HillsNicole-375x375.jpg

Location: St Cloud

Background:  I grew up on a dairy farm in Howard Lake and graduated from Howard Lake-Waverly High School.  From there, I attended St Cloud State University where I received a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing.  After living in Maple Grove for a few years, I moved to Monticello where I’ve been for the last 14.  Professionally, I spent the last 9 years as the marketing manager of a company, ensuring brand consistency across multiple communication channels. 

How you got into Broadcasting: My love for music drew me to radio, and heard amazing things about the Leighton culture from friends.  It seemed like a natural fit.

Why you love your work: I love to help create experiences and give exceptional customer service to our clients.  Every detail matters, large or small. 

Random facts about yourself: I have two kids…a daughter who is 15 and a son who is 13.  We have three cats and three rabbits (the kids want to add more livestock but I’m drawing the line).  We enjoy camping and hanging out with family and friends.  When they aren’t home, my passion is country music and I will travel far and wide to attend a show.  I have great memories and have met some amazing people along the way.

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