I was born and raised in Holmen, WI, and moved to Winona, MN to attend WSU.


Holmen High School class of 2014. In 2018, I earned a Bachelor of Liberal Arts degree in Mass Communications, specializing in Public Relations and minoring in sociology.

How I got into radio:

I was looking for a marketing position in Winona during my senior year at WSU, while one day I heard a recruitment ad on the radio. A Leighton Broadcasting ad in fact, one searching for a marketer and a communicator. That day I went to Leighton’s website to apply, and the rest is history!

Random facts:

  • I do not like burgers or ketchup.
  • I know... how American of me.
  • I am currently teaching myself to play guitar.
  • People and music complete me. Without them, life would be boring.  
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