AmyFish-341x341.jpgName: Amy Fish

Location: Winona, MN

Background: Originally from the Twin Cities area, I moved to Winona in 2003 for school and fell in love with the region. I have always loved camping, hiking, canoeing, and anything outdoors. Winona is the perfect place for it all! 
I have built a life here with my husband Randy and two delightful sons.

Schooling/Education: Winona State University

How you got into Broadcasting: I worked for years in the ad specialties industry in manufacturing sales. I loved the rare opportunities I had to work face to face with my clients and wanted to make it an everyday experience. A friend was working for Leighton Broadcasting and had been ardent about how amazing the Leighton family was and that, knowing me, this would truly be my dream job. He was not wrong!

Why you love your work: I love people! I have a strong passion for helping people find the solutions that help better their lives and their business. I greatly value the part of my career that allows me to create a personal and professional relationships with my clients. The reward of their success is all I need to reinforce the unlimited value of my career.

Random facts about yourself:

  • I paint canvas and love giving them away to friends and family as gifts or keeping for myself to decorate my ever changing décor. 
  • My home, the Fish Bowl, is a destination in Winona and known for its events almost every weekend. 
  • I have shot 6 Robin Hoods in my life with my compound bow. 
  • Personal goal: Run a 5k by 2017
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