male-silhouette.pngLocation: Winona, MN

Background: I grew up in Waseca Minnesota and graduated high school in 2008 and I played hockey for 15 years and football all the way through high school. I came to Winona for college and went to Winona State University, Go Warriors, met my wife in Winona and got married. I am a huge sports nut and for the longest time radio has been my outlet.

Schooling/Education: Degree in Mass Communications with an emphasis on broadcasting. 3 ½ years of radio work and a year of Sports Director at KQAL at Winona State, internships at KROC.

How you got into Broadcasting: Started as a podcast with a friend we turned into a show called Redzone Radio, joined KQAL as a volunteer then never really looked back.

Why you love your work: Radio is the ultimate medium for thought, you don't get the benefit of simply looking pretty to get people's attention, you have to have a true sense of thought and personality. I love everything about radio so the opportunity to support it through sales and advertisement is a dream come true.

Random facts:

  • I have been playing fantasy football for 20 years and counting
  • I own the Waseca High School unofficial record of most recorded penalty minutes in a single season.
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