MelOtt-341x341.jpgName: Mel Ott

Location: Winona, MN

Background: I've been in broadcasting/radio and some TV since the 60's. Graduated from Drake University, Broadcast Journalism Major.

How you got into Broadcasting: I Entered a DJ contest in Des Moines, Iowa just out of High School.

Why you love your work: Get to roam free about the country and deal with a lot of personalities and situations. I've been able to interview a lot of famous people over the years.

Random Facts:

  • I love cars
  • Playing golf, Hole in One April Fools Day 2000
  • Bowling, Had a 299 game in 2009
  • Raise tropical fish, I've raised Angels, Oscars, Red Devils and Blue Acaras
  • I have three kids, (two girls and a boy)
  • I have four grandchildren
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