IMG-Paul-341x341.jpgName: Paul Ebner 

Location: Winona, MN 

Background: I grew up in Monticello, MN where I graduated in 2001 and moved to Winona to attend WSU. I was about to leave Winona for a new adventure in San Diego but walked into a local bar for Karaoke one night a met the woman of my dreams who is now my wife. We have a beautiful 2 year old named Chloe! I have been assisting people with their sales decisions since the age of 14 – when I educated a lifetime Kodak film user to switch to Fuji Film with a 5 minute conversation. 

Education: Mass Communications and Dance at Winona State University 

How you got into Broadcasting: After selling cars and promotional products for years, I was told by one of the Winona Radio DJ’s that radio sales was the place to be. He wasn’t kidding! 

Why you love your work: This is a people business! It’s rewarding working with local business owners to improve and succeed. Relationships matter, ALL of them! 

Random Facts: I am a karaoke JUNKIE and have competed in several local competitions. I also love to dance and have been an avid swing dancer since high school. When

When I’m not singing in a bar or swinging on the dance floor, you can find me on stage in local community theater productions. 

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