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Radio advertising can take your brand to the next level.

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We're a family and employee owned company, that believes in serving, connecting and celebrating our community. We grow businesses and relationships with our branding practice called BrandsFormation®. We've helped hundreds of companies create successful campaigns and we can help you too. Our staff is always ready and eager to help.

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- Sam VanReese
Grand Forks


I enjoy learning new industries, brainstorming marketing strategies, and executing promotions.

- Amy Foss
St. Cloud

Amy Foss

Helping people -nothing is more satisfying than to help a client reach their goals.

- Joel Koetke

Joel Koetke

I love partnering with business owners & managers helping build their business with great marketing by our radio stations.

- Les Guderian

Les Guderian

I truly enjoy marketing and have the best clients ever!

- Robyn Bright
St. Cloud

Robyn Bright

I love the diversity my job offers, and the client relationships I’ve built and maintained.

- Aimee Issendorf
Detroit Lakes

Aimee Issendorf

I love building relationships with clients and the satisfaction of helping them grow their business.

- Philip Giers

Philip Giers

I know our sales process and outstanding quality of our product will get results for the client.

- Deb Olson
Detroit Lakes

Deb Olson

I get to roam free about the country and deal with a lot of personalities and situations.

- Mel Ott

Mel Ott

I love helping local businesses become great local brands!

- Julie Rohling
St. Cloud

Julie Rohling

There’s an amazing variety of challenges going on every day and never a dull moment.

- Sue Tate

Sue Tate

I believe you need to be passionate about everything you do in life.

- Heidi Lockaby
Detroit Lakes

Heidi Lockaby

I love being able to get out and meet new customers and build relationships.

- Ashley Dyste
Grand Forks

Ashley Dyste

Meeting new people and exploring their businesses is such a great fit for my personality.

- Michelle Richter
Detroit Lakes

Michelle Richter

My goal as a Marketing Specialist with Leighton Broadcasting is to help good businesses create great brands!

- Kelly Ask

Kelly Ask

It’s rewarding working with local business owners to improve and succeed.

- Paul Ebner

Paul Ebner

Getting to know the ins and outs of people’s businesses and being able to help them succeed is the best part of this job!

- Daidre Seiple

Daidre Seiple

Seeing the community come together for an event is so rewarding.

- Christian Medford
St. Cloud

Christian Medford

Variety IS the spice of life!

- Meg Satka

Meg Satka

I've seen firsthand the impact of effective branding and strategy-based marketing.

- Chris LeDuc
St. Cloud

Chris LeDuc

I love to work with a company that stands behind their product.

- Alisa Wold

Alisa Wold

Every day presents new opportunities to help find solutions for those clients who are searching for answers for their advertising needs.

- Greg Arends

Greg Arends

It's fun and rewarding to get results for clients.

- Bobbi Jo Mueller
St. Cloud

Bobbi Jo Mueller

The people at Leighton Broadcasting are some of the best in the industry.

- Andrea Yurczyk
St. Cloud

Andrea Yurczyk

The people I work with make every day a new adventure! And, if I have to work weekends it's usually doing something very cool.

- Don Mollerud

Don Mollerud

When I help a business succeed, I feel like I’ve not only helped them and their employees, but also helped keep this region active and viable.

- Marilyn Hansel

Marilyn Hansel

I like learning from the wide variety of business’ we work with to help them solve problems.

- Ben Pesek
Grand Forks

Ben Pesek

No two days are similar in radio – there is always something new happening, or something new to create! 

- Jonathan Ressie

Jonathan Ressie

Local radio is so important to growing businesses in the area.

- Kalie Schuster
St. Cloud

Kalie Schuster

I love being able to help businesses succeed in their marketing plan.

- Brent Bagley
St. Cloud

Brent Bagley

I truly enjoy helping businesses grow in our community.

- Cole Erie
St. Cloud

Cole Erie

I get to work hand in hand with great Grand Forks businesses and see their successes.

- Misty Paul
Grand Forks

Misty Paul

I fell in love with local radio after an internship in Watertown.

- Allison Lightfield
St. Cloud

Allison Lightfield

There is no better feeling than having a client say, “Whatever you are doing for my business, it is working!”

- Michael McNeal
Grand Forks

Michael McNeal

Seeing client's success is why I come to work every day.

- Stacey Gravelle
Detroit Lakes

Stacey Gravelle

With radio being in my family and past sales experience I figured radio sales would be a perfect fit!

- Jeffrey Hoberg
Grand Forks

Jeffrey Jordan Hoberg

I had always thought that working for the radio would be cool and it is!

- Thad Welch

Thad Welch

I have always had a passion for music and sales.

- Kris Priebe
St. Cloud

Kris Priebe

Helping clients reach their marketing goals makes me love my job.

- Ali Waind
Grand Forks

Ali Waind

I love brainstorming and researching new industries and companies.

- Amber Tougas
Detroit Lakes

Amber Tougas

I love helping clients grow their business, I enjoy working with each and every one of them.

- Jodi Schilling

Jodi Schilling

I love my job because I get to see the individuals on the team grow and achieve success for their clients.

- Stephanie Theisen
St. Cloud

Stephanie Theisen

I have always been interested in radio from the broadcast side and I’ve always like planning and executing events.

- Pam Simon

Pam Simon

I enjoy my job because I get to talk to people.

- Joyce Madche


- Megan Anderson
Grand Forks


It’s rewarding to help people with their marketing challenges.

- Robin Lewit

Robin Lewit

I feel what we do as a company matters, and Leighton Broadcasting is an integral part of connecting our community.

- Melissa Medford
St. Cloud

Melissa Medford

Clients have trusted me for over 30 years solving some of their problems and offer opportunities.

- Gary Scheidecker

Gary Scheidecker

I love my clients and helping them grow their businesses.

- Denise Prozinski
St. Cloud

Denise Prozinski

I enjoy bringing people together and connecting them.

- Doris Westra
St. Cloud

Doris Westra

The work I do lets me interact with a lot of people and even make friends out of some of them.

- Greg Uselman

Greg Uselman

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