About Us – Leighton Broadcasting

At first glance, our name would suggest we are solely interested in broadcasting. If you dig a little deeper, you'll discover a diverse company dedicated to serving numerous industries across all of Minnesota and Eastern North Dakota. In a sense, Leighton Broadcasting is an interactive design and marketing company that happens to own a few radio stations. We’re much more than radio, though. We believe in partnership and ensuring your business uses consistent marketing messages across all channels and founded in a solid strategy.

In addition to our radio stations, we own a number of sister companies that allow us to provide full-service marketing, promotions, and interactive designs to companies throughout our coverage area. Our sister companies include:

With all of these companies included in the fold, working with Leighton Broadcasting provides a comprehensive approach for marketing, advertising, branding, and promoting your company. Our innovative BrandsFormation® system, developed by author and business consultant Chuck Mefford, is the playbook your company needs to present a consistent message to your customers and vendors.

For Leighton Broadcasting, branding is a 21/52 job. Using BrandsFormation®, you get 21 ads per week, for 52 weeks each year. The team members working across the Leighton Broadcasting family help companies like yours create a branding message that is consistent across all platforms. Everything from business cards and billboards to radio and Internet advertisements should present the same image for your business. That's BrandsFormation at work.

Leighton Broadcasting is a family-owned business with a softer side. Our employees are critical to the success of our business. Though the company remains largely family owned, our employees do have a 25 percent stake in the business. On top of that, we're dedicated to making a difference in our local communities. We want to provide our local businesses with the best services possible, but we also want to give back, because Leighton Broadcasting will only be as successful as our fellow residents of St. Cloud, central Minnesota, and North Dakota.

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