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  • "Radio branding has made us successful. Along with the great team of people we work with – and relationships – including Leighton Broadcasting. That's what it's all about. Making valuable relationships, the ease of doing business, and developing our brand."
    – Shane Ihry – Ihry Insurance, Grand Forks
  • “Leighton Broadcasting is so progressive in the ways they want to train, teach, and educate their customers on how to be the best they can be. They understand that dollars are hard earned and well spent, and they want to grant us the opportunity to know what we’re doing with our marketing dollars. You just don’t find a radio partner like Leighton Broadcasting.”
    – Roberta Ringstad – Bernick’s, St. Cloud
  • “I have tried everything from on-line job boards, fliers on cars, billboards, yard signs, posting on LinkedIn, etc. and the best return on investment would be advertising with RADIO. I cannot count how many times I heard, Oh yeah I heard this on the radio or my girlfriend heard about it on the radio. Great choice for word of mouth advertising!”
    – Cassie - Wells Concrete, Avon

What we do

Getting results from radio is a lot more than just putting your commercial on the air. We have a complete portfolio of local marketing services designed to grow your business.

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Serving, Connecting, and Celebrating Our Community

Radio is a universal language with a local impact. We grow businesses and relationships through branding, marketing, and community service.