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Leighton Events offers you specific events to interact with your community and targeted segments within those communities. Take for example, The First Steps Baby Expo. You’ll find expectant parents and emerging families at this event – if your business has a service they need, this is where you’ll want to be! Looking for families with growing children? Explore investing in a booth or an interactive sponsorship at the Kids and Parents Expo or Daddy Daughter Date Night.

What about fun loving adults? We’ve got you covered! Craft Beer Tours and the craft beer community, in general, has a tremendous following and Leighton Events is right there at the heart of it. With six beer tours held in the communities we serve, we know how to throw a party and provide engaging opportunities for your business and our audience, through sponsorship.

From family based events to Craft Beer Tours, you can choose the events that best suit your target audience and reserve a booth or a large sponsorship to establish a presence at those events. Hand out free samples of your product or service, accept registrations for a big prize, host an interactive game or activity and engage with event attendees, etc. The sky is the limit.

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From booths to sponsorships to massive marketing exposure, there are lots of opportunities to get in front of the people you want as customers through Leighton Events.