Ben-GF-IMG-375x375.jpgName: Ben Pesek

Location: Leighton Broadcasting – Grand Forks

Background: What is there to know about me? Well for starters, I graduated with a degree in Business and was recruited by Leighton Broadcasting after a series of promotions held at the business I was working at. The decision to make the move to Leighton Broadcasting was easy, and I officially joined the Leighton Broadcasting team in October 1998.

To be honest, working at Leighton Broadcasting is refreshing. I like learning from the wide variety of business’ we work with to help them solve problems and take advantage of opportunities to further their business goals.

Aside from work, I am happily married with two fantastic kids who are 16 and 14 years old.

Random facts about yourself:

  • I enjoy playing most sports in my spare time. 
  • Overall, I am an interesting guy.
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