Radio Broadcasting Testimonials & Success Stories

At Leighton Broadcasting, we focus on results, not sales. Our company's foundation is rooted in that principle. When we agree to work together as partners, that's where the work begins. We promise we won't ask for your business unless we have a solid plan to improve it. We will bring you results by providing you the highest standards of professional excellence, service, and satisfaction in the industry today. We live, work, and play in these communities and we value strong local businesses and brands. We take great pride in seeing these communities get stronger and stronger with the results Leighton Broadcasting can bring.

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“They’re just different than other companies I’ve worked with on the radio side for sure. My account rep is everything, that's the person I lean on for expertise, for content creation, for writing, for branding, for anything that we're trying to focus on as a goal.”

Mike Kelley, J.F. Kruse Jewelers

"I do believe in radio and I do think that if I can pick one broadcaster to stick with that I can have some kind of dominant message."

Al Dahlgren, Once Upon a Child

"We are truly partnering to give people in the Central Minnesota community some really awesome opportunities."

Roberta Ringstad, Bernicks

"I think that they have a great program and a great system to get our company going and to get our marketing rolling."

Brad Steil, C&D Granite

We get a lot of really cool things, little extra offers [like] contests to get interactive with the audience-base on the stations to seek us out because they saw us at an event."

Kennard Fellbaum, Celebrations Bridal

"While some sales reps act like vendors, the entire team at Leighton acts like your partner. Plaza Park Bank has been working with Leighton for years and we appreciate that their team will go above and beyond to help us create campaigns that will truly connect with their listening audience.  More than a creative resource, Leighton is truly a valued business partner."

"The staff at Leighton has helped me tremendously. They are proactive and help develop ideas, not just wait for an order. They know the markets they serve and where to best position your business. We have secured several customers who have told us they came to see us because of the information they learned on the live radio spots we do each week. I always appreciate the periodic phone calls I get from my rep, Misty, and station manager, Jeff Hoberg, when we haven’t touched base for a while. It shows me they care."

Christine Yunker, Lifetime Vision Center

"We have a great relationship with Leighton Broadcasting. The creative writing and out of the box ideas for campaigns along with the fun we have throughout the process makes them a great marketing partner. Thank you, Leighton for partnering with us throughout the year to keep us top of mind for homeowners."

Kristen Berreau, American Door Works

"Valley Dairy has been working with Leighton Broadcasting for over 20 years. They take great care of us by working closely with our company to achieve the results we want. Our Sales Rep, Misty Paul, and the entire team at Leighton is wonderful!"

Monica Musich, Valley Dairy

I have tried everything from on-line job boards, fliers on cars, billboards, yard signs, posting on LinkedIn, etc. and the best return on investment would be advertising with RADIO. I cannot count how many times I heard, Oh yeah I heard this on the radio or my girlfriend heard about it on the radio. Great choice for word of mouth advertising!

Cassie, Wells Concrete

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